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12dp5dt high beta

In fact, hardly a day goes by where I am not confronted by a patient anxiously seeking interpretation of a pregnancy test result.

Testing urine or blood for the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin hCG is the most effective and reliable way to confirm conception. The former, is far less expensive than the latter and is the most common method used.

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It is also more convenient because it can be performed in the convenience of the home setting. However, urine hCG testing for pregnancy is not nearly as reliable or as sensitive e as is blood hCG testing.

12dp5dt high beta

Blood testing can detect implantation several days earlier than can a urine test. Modern pregnancy urine test kits can detect hCG about days following ovulation or days after having missed a menstrual periodwhile blood tests can detect hCG, days post-ovulation i. The ability to detect hCG in the blood as early as possible and thereupon to track its increase, is particularly valuable in women undergoing controlled ovarian stimulation COS with or without intrauterine insemination IUI or after IVF.

The earlier hCG can be detected in the blood and its concentration measured, the sooner levels can be tracked serially over time and so provide valuable information about the effectiveness of implantation, and the potential viability of the developing conceptus. There are a few important points that should be considered when it comes to measuring interpreting blood hCG levels.

These include the following:. I also had an ultrasound at 21 DPO and the gestational sac was visible. With the HCG levels doubling every 27 hours and being so high, is it possible that I have twins, or just a rapidly progressing level of HCG?

No history of twins in family. I had one succesful pregnancy and delivery 12 years ago. I am 34 with diagnosis of premature menopause.

Hello doctor i had ICSi treatment and had a 3 Day transfer. What do you make of the result? Hi Dr! I had an IUI on March I had blood drawn yesterday — 9 dp-iui and the result is 1… My doctor is willing to repeat the test again on Saturday at 12 dp-iui if I would like, but I am feeling very defeated… Is it possible I could still be pregnant or would SOMETHING have shown up by 9 days on the labs?? My levels went from 22, 55, and then all 48 hour intervals.

Is this progressing in a healthy manner? Is this normal?!? I have a scan scheduled 15 days later. What are your thoughts?Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 20 October - PM. The level was 2,! I am very worried that this is far too high. This level is literally off all the charts I have seen.

I have a second HCG test coming up tomorrow. Hello and welcome to the site. Betas are so complicated. And stressful. On the one hand we are jumping out of our pants excited to be PG on the other hand the worries are only just beginning. I always said that for me I found the 2 week wait between beta and first ultrasound was much more stressful than the 2WW between transfer and beta.

If I understand correctly, 13 days after a 5 day transfer would be 18 days post ovulation. So according to the chart you are certainly higher than average, but by no means off the charts.

I've got fingers and toes crossed that follow up tests provide the best news you could ever imagine. I did look at the betabase--thank you. But I see that they define successful pregnancy simply as detection of a heartbeat. This means Down's syndrome or another problem is still a possibility. The more I Google and can't find anyone else with levels like this at this stage--except a few people carrying twins or triplets--the more scared I am getting.

So I really do appreciate your good wishes!! And thank you for the warm welcome. My HCG was 12, at 14dp5dt and I am pregnant with twins and screened negative for Down's syndrome on the Harmony prenatal test. If your donor is young, the chance of Down's syndrome is very low and molar pregnancies are very rare with IVF pregnancies. I wouldn't worry - congratulations!

IVF cycle 1 - chemical pregnancy. See my profile for details. FET Cycle 2. Jun 8 - CD1, start Estrace. Jun 21 - lining check. Jul 4 - 8dpt beta Jul 6 - 10dpt beta Jul 10 - 14dpt beta Beta 2 this AM. Nurse said my number iswhich is and I quote her : " Good but on the low side ".

This has got me really really nervous now!! My beta 1 was which was 72 hours ago on Monday. That puts my doubling time there was an online calculator for this at Isn't that a good number!!? Why would she say my number is good but low? Does she mean for twins? We transferred two. Someone, please reassure me!!

I don't want to freak out but I keep running the conversation over and over again in my head OMG why is the nurse trying to drive me crazy!?!?!?

I want to laugh and pull my hair out at the same time.

High Beta Numbers!!

Thanks for the reassurances, ladies! After 3 years of TTC, I'm still holding my breath. My RE schedules betas for 12dp5dt and he only wants to see So, I say that is pretty awesome. Go to www.

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12dp5dt high beta

The Bump Baby Registry. Getting Pregnant. Sign up for The Bump! Get weekly updates on baby and your body. Start by selecting which of these best describes you!Doubling time was good so I'm thinking positive! One more hurdle passed! GL to everyone and thanks for the inspiring storied for lower betas! Update: Beta 3 came in at and my doc's office is happy with this. Not quite doubled from Beta 2 but very nearly. FET transferred 3 blasts.

This is my 10th embryo transfer and 5th pregnancy. No living children yet! Came back to update.

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Or should I say. I only put back 1 grade a 8-cell and a 3-cell that looked horrible but I am thinking these look like twin betas. What do you think? One blast took and split ID twins!

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I am currently almost 12w pregnant with identical twins. Transfer 2 grade B blasts. One split and am 7w pg with triplets! All measuring with each other and all have healthy heartbeats! Mine are old now. I'm 36 weeks now but because so many get high numbers I like to remind from time to time that they don't HAVE to be high to go well.

Extremely high Beta HCG 13dp5dt and very worried

Natural conception on Femara! We had a blastocyst and a morula transferred. Trying to be balance my excitement with my nervousness! Hi Ladies! I have not posted much on here, but just got my first set of beta numbers back. It takes a week to get them. I am on a military base and they don't have a lab here so they have to send them out. Takes forever!!! Anyway here are my numbers: 13dp4dt was RSS feed for this topic.

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I am wanting to know others levels around 12 days post transfer. Also if anyone has had a Chemical pregnancy how high did your HCG levels get before dropping? I am 12dp5dt and HCG is Thank you!! Lost of baby dust to you. I will update on Friday. And let me know how it went on Ur next appointment.

I read a lot that the proper increase is what matters the most. There are plenty of women with low HCG that have a healthy pregnancy. I have high beta, but to be honest, I'm terrified of my next appointments too. There really is no way of knowing how things will progress. The best beta can end badly and the lowest can give a healthy baby.

We just won't know. I'm with you, though.

12dp5dt high beta

Hi, my RE wants me to go for another beta and ultrasound this coming Monday. Do you think is a low number? It seems so low comparing with other people in here, I'm so upset My first beta was The nurse said I'd probably miscarry.

It's never been high. I'm 14 weeks pregnant and everything looks good!View Full Version : Any one else had beta 's this high??? So I had my 2 betas: 11dp5dt 13dp5dt !!!! Obviously it more than doubled. A little scared that it's so high! Anyone else had these numbers and had singleton or twins?? How many were transferred? Betas can be all over the place. That said, those are much higher than my comparable triplet numbers.

Your 11 day number is what my 12 day number was. I had mine at 10 and 12 days so I couldn't tell you how it might compare beyond that. At the time for me it was twins. I'm carrying twins this time, and my numbers were 12dp5dt: 2, and 14dp5dt: When I carried twins before the numbers were no where near this high.

Only It was a FET. This makes me feel a little better. Betas are so unpredictable. They really don't say much beyond Yes, you're pregnant.

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Ours were: 12dp6dt: 15dp6dt: It turned out to be an singleton plus an empty sac. Mine were 12dp5dt 15dp5dt 19dp5dt and I am pregnant with twins right now! As every mentions betas can be all over the place! My numbers indicated more than 2 which scared me, but there were indeed only two little ones in there.

12dp5dt high beta

Good luck! I have had three pregnancies that I had access to the beta numbers for and all three of them had crazy-high beyond average triplet numbers. I really let it freak me out.How should investors assess risk in the stocks that they buy or sell? Analysts use it often when they want to determine a stock's risk profile.

However, while beta does say something about price risk, it has its limits for investors looking to determine fundamental risk factors.

Beta is a measure of a stock's volatility in relation to the overall market.

IVF Pregnancy Results - IVF Beta Results - Emotional

A stock that swings more than the market over time has a beta above 1. If a stock moves less than the market, the stock's beta is less than 1. High-beta stocks are supposed to be riskier but provide higher return potential; low-beta stocks pose less risk but also lower returns. Beta is a component of the capital asset pricing model CAPMwhich is used to calculate the cost of equity funding. The CAPM formula uses the total average market return and the beta value of the stock to determine the rate of return that shareholders might reasonably expect based on perceived investment risk.

In this way, beta can impact a stock's expected rate of return and share valuation. To followers of CAPM, beta is useful. A stock's price variability is important to consider when assessing risk. If you think about risk as the possibility of a stock losing its value, beta has appeal as a proxy for risk. Intuitively, it makes plenty of sense. Think of an early-stage technology stock with a price that bounces up and down more than the market.

It's hard not to think that stock will be riskier than, say, a safe-haven utility industry stock with a low beta.

Low Beta 12dp5dt

Sure, there are variations on beta depending on things such as the market index used and the time period measured. But broadly speaking, the notion of beta is fairly straightforward. It's a convenient measure that can be used to calculate the costs of equity used in a valuation method. For starters, beta doesn't incorporate new information. Consider a utility company: let's call it Company X. Company X has been considered a defensive stock with a low beta.

When it entered the merchant energy business and assumed more debt, X's historic beta no longer captured the substantial risks the company took on.

At the same time, many technology stocks are relatively new to the market and thus have insufficient price history to establish a reliable beta. Another troubling factor is that past price movement is a poor predictor of the future. Betas are merely rear-view mirrors, reflecting very little of what lies ahead. Furthermore, the beta measure on a single stock tends to flip around over time, which makes it unreliable. Granted, for traders looking to buy and sell stocks within short time periods, beta is a fairly good risk metric.

However, for investors with long-term horizons, it's less useful. The well-worn definition of risk is the possibility of suffering a loss. Of course, when investors consider risk, they are thinking about the chance that the stock they buy will decrease in value. The trouble is that beta, as a proxy for risk, doesn't distinguish between upside and downside price movements.

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